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October 18, 2007

The Staine – Dublin, Ireland

Staine - Dublin, Ireland The Staine was a long stone stood in the heart of Dublin’s city center. It was said to be placed in 10 – 11 century during the Viking era. The Staine was a main landmark in medieval Dublin.

I’ve been to Dublin many times, and walked around the area (near the Trinity college) many many times, but never stopped to pay attention to this stone till my visit in August 2007.

The plate by the stone says the following:

Near this point stood for about eight hundred years the famous STEINE, or Long Stone, a standing stone, 12-14 feet high, probably erected by the Viking inhabitants of Dublin in the 10th or 11th centuries. The River Liffey was originally much broader than it is now, and Townsend Street marks the original shoreline at this point. The strand along where Townsend Street now runs seems to have functioned as a landing place for boats throughout the Middle Ages and the Long Stone was probably set up to mark this landing place. It became one of the main landmarks around medieval Dublin, and the whole area between College Green and Ringsend became known as “The Steine”, after this stone. The area between Townsend Street and the present quays was reclaimed from the river between 1700 and 1720, and teh Long Stone was removed before 1750. The present stone was carved by Cliodna Cussen and erected in 1986. The faces commemorate Ivor, a Viking who ruled Dublin in the 9th century and the local convent of Mary de Hogges.

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