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October 18, 2007

St Patricks Cathedral – Dublin, Ireland

St Patricks Cathedral - Dublin, IrelandSt. Patricks Cathedral in Dublin is the largest church in Ireland. It is the Protestant Church of Ireland’s national cathedral. It is believed that the well discovered in the early 20th century was where St. Patrick had baptized converts around AD 450.

The existing stone building of St. Patricks Cathedral was mostly built between 1254 and 1270. The original building was a wooden chapel and lasted till 1192, which was re-built by Archbishop John Comyn with stone. The building is 300 ft long and the tower is 141 ft high.

While the older Christ Church Cathedral was more associated with the British establishment, the St. Patricks Cathedral was seen as the people’s church. The building suffered from weather damages, neglect and fire, and in 18th century, Sir Benjamin Guinness provided the fund for the building to go under extensive restoration project.

Some of the well-known people’s memorial inside the St. Patricks Cathedral are:

  • Jonathan Swift – Dublin native, a Dean of St. Patricks in 1973, and an author of “Gulliver’s Travels”
  • The Boyle family – Richard Boyle, Earl of Cork, his wife and family
  • Douglas Hyde – The first President of Ireland

There’s an old door with a hole at the end of nave. The hole was cut by Lord Kildare so that he and the Lord Ormonde could shake hands in friendship in 1492.

St. Patricks Cathedral:

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