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October 12, 2007

O’Connell Street – Dublin, Ireland

OíConnell Street - Dublin, IrelandO’Connell Street is one of the main streets in North of Liffey in Dublin’s city center. There are many monuments and statues on the street telling the history of Dublin as it played a major part in Dublin’s Easter Rising in 1916. Along many shops, restaurants and hotels, the General Post Office stands at a half way through the street.

Statue of Daniel O’Connell stands at the South end of the street right by the O’Connell bridge. The statue of Parnell stands on the North end of the street. The Dublin Spire stands tall in front of GPO.

Off the O’Connell Street, you can continue walking through Henry street where department stores and shopping mall are. Moore street is one of the busiest streets off O’Connell Street. It’s the street market filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, etc.

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