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September 20, 2007

Guinness Storehouse – Dublin, Ireland

Guinness Storehouse - Dublin, IrelandGuinness Storehouse, St. James Gate Brewery, Dublin. This is where I discovered this wonderful beer, when I visited on the day of the newly renovated tour building was opened.

Even if you are not a beer lover, do visit Guinness Storehouse, as it is much more than a brewery tour. Through the multi-level exhibits, you’ll learn not only how Guinness is brewed, but also the culture and the history of Dublin and Ireland.

When you purchase a tour ticket, you receive a small paper-weight like glass with a drop of Guinness. At the end of the tour, you go up to the Gravity bar on the top floor, where you can enjoy 360 degree view of Dublin. Present your glass with a drop of Guinness at the bar for a free pint of Guinness. It’s the best Guinness you’d ever taste in your life! I’ve had Guinness every where in Ireland, UK, USA, etc., and can tell you that it’s the best. I’ve been to Guinness Storehouse for 4 times so far, and every time I have a pint at the Gravity bar, I re-confirm that it is the best.

Besides the pint, I really like a video of a cooper making Guinness barrels. His skill and the craftsmanship is just amazing.

Guinness Storehouse:

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