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September 17, 2007

Famine Memorial – Dublin, Ireland

Famine Memorial is set on Custom House Quay in the Docklands of Dublin, Ireland. The memorial, which was established in 1997, consists of several statues of people and a dog from the Potato Famine, designed by Dublin’s local artist, Rowan Gillespie.

Famine Memorial - Dublin, IrelandThe Great Famine in mid 19th century took many Irish people’s lives, and caused many more to move out of the country.

I saw many statues and sculptures on the streets and in the gardens of Dublin. Apart from many other statues that send political messages of strong Ireland and cultural message of modern Dublin, the Famine Memorial sends a massage in completely different note, coming from ordinary people who paid a huge price for the country’s political situation. It’s very very powerful.

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