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November 29, 2007

Dublinia and The Viking World – Dublin, Ireland

Dublinia and the Viking World turned out to be a very fun place to visit. First, I wasn’t interesting much, and in fact didn’t care to find out about it till when I went there with my son and his friends, which was my 10+ visits to Dublin.

Dublinia & The Viking World is a heritage center, exhibiting the artifacts and information, which you can experience and learn the life in the medieval city and the world of the Vikings. The building it occupies is the former Synod Hall of the Church of Ireland, which was acquired by The Medieval Trust.

Inside the building, there were some interactive activities in addition to the exhibitions, which was very entertaining for the boys.

There are Dublinia and the Viking World ticket, and a combination ticket with Christ Church Cathedral, which is standing next to Dublinia.

Dublinia & The Viking World:

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