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September 12, 2007

Dublin Airport – City Transportation

Dublin transportation - aircoach
There are several choices of transportation between Dublin airport and Dublin city center. I usually take Aircoach from the airport, which leaves right outside the exit door of the arriving lobby. It’s more comfortable than Dublin bus. (Luggage compartment, cleaner seats, etc.) It also goes straight to the city center so that you’ll get there quicker. In 2007, the fare was 7euro/one way. There’s a discounted rate for round trip fare.

Taxi costs somewhere between 22 to 35 euro depending on the traffic.
In the city, Aircoach makes several stops. You can also go to one of these stops to go back to Dublin airport.

Sometimes, when you wait at Aircoach stop, a taxi may come and offer to take some people to the airport for 7 euro (or so) per person. If you don’t see Aircoach approaching, and don’t have a round trip ticket, I suggest that you take the offer.

Aircoach also runs from Dublin airport to Belfast and Cork. If you are traveling to one of these cities right away, take it instead of going to Dublin city to take a train. It will save time and money.


Other choices of transportation:

Dublin airport:

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