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January 31, 2008

Benedicts of Belfast Restaurant – Beat the Clock

Benedicts of Belfast restaurant, Northern Ireland Belfast has numbers of great restaurants in the city center, and Benedicts of Belfast is one of them. Benedicts restaurant is attached to Benedict’s hotel. While you may think that restaurants inside the hotel charges more and the foods are not so great, that’s certainly not the case here. I went there with 7 people, and we all loved the food we ordered. (I had a duck with mashed potato. See photo.) We had bottles of red wine, pints of beer, etc., too. Almost 4 hours later, the bill came to be only GBP25 per person! This is because we took advantages of Benedict’s “Beat the Clock” promotion. It runs from 5:30pm to 7:30pm everyday. During these hours, the time you place an order is the price you pay for the meal. We were there right around 5:30pm, and paid only GBP5.30 for the dish. (Not all meals on menu are part of the promotion.)

Benedicts of Belfast Restaurant:

Address: 7-21 Bradbury Place, Shaftesbury Square, Belfast

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