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February 7, 2008

Belfast Black Taxi Tour – Northern Ireland

Belfast black taxi tour - wall Black Taxi Tour is probably the best way to explore the modern historical side of Belfast. Each taxi takes up to 3-6 tourists around the city stopping many of the sightseeing spots in town including Titanic Shipyards, Queens University, Ulster Museum and St. Annes Cathedral. However, the most memorable part of the tour is the locations such as Shankill road and wall murals, and the Peace Wall.

This photo shows the houses behind the Peace Wall, where I visited during the Black Taxi Tour. According to our guide, these houses install the roof extensions so that when people on the other side of the wall throw bombs over the fence, it would roll away from the house to minimize the damage. The wall kept people on each side, but it wasn’t high enough to stop people from throwing things over. And, as you can see in photo, these houses stand right next to the wall. These houses are on the “Catholic” side of the wall, and during the tour, we also visited a few memorials for the victims of the conflict including small children. Some houses near the wall had murals in memories of these victims, too.

The Black Taxi Tour I took was a part of a day tour to Belfast from Dublin, but you can arrange the tour by yourself through tourism office in Belfast or websites. When my friends did this tour, they paid GBP20 each. The tour usually lasts 1:30 or so, but you can arrange for a longer tour for additional fee.

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