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January 3, 2008

Dunluce Castle – Antrim, Northern Ireland

Dunluce Castle, Antrim Ireland Dunluce Castle is located on the Antrim coast of Northern Ireland about an hour away from Giant’s Causeway. It’s believed to be built in 13th century by Richard de Burgh or one of his chief followers, MacDonnells.

Dunluce Castle was once a beautiful residence of Earls and Countesses with fine dining area and library. The story is that one day, when the strong storm hit the area, which broke the cliff and the kitchen fell into the ocean along with some of the kitchen staff! You can imagine how quickly the family moved out of the castle after that.

Though the castle now has no roof over the building, you can still picture how it was centuries ago from the twin towers and some of the original cobbling still intact.

Dunluce Castle is open to public year around (fee). The opening hours varies from season to season. A guided tour is also available. When we visited, the castle was closed for the day, but we could park a car near the castle and walk around the area. If the timing is right, you can enjoy beautiful sunset there.

Dunluce Castle: 028-207-31938

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