2008 February

February 13, 2008

Whites Tavern – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Whites Tavern in Belfast, Northern Ireland Whites Tavern is know as the oldest tavern in Belfast. The sign suggests that it was built in 1630. Outside the building has a simple and modern feel, but inside, the ceiling, the walls, the furnitures, everything tells the history of the place. I went there because it was listed as one of the “must-visit” pubs and bars in Belfast. The Guinness and apple cider were pretty good. While we were drinking and chatting, local musicians gathered up and started to play traditional Irish music at one of the tables in a corner. The best part was a peat (turf) burning fire place. It smells really nice. (more…)

February 13, 2008

Peace Lines in West Belfast, Northern Ireland

Peace Lines of West Belfast Peace Lines (peace walls) of West Belfast are barriers separating Catholic and Protestant neighborhoods in the area. I took this photo when I visited there during the black taxi tour of Belfast. I leaned that Derry and other towns in Northern Ireland have similar peace lines, too.

There are more than 20 Peace Lines in Belfast, and many of them extend for miles. The wall was built to minimize the violence between the neighborhoods, and it also has gates, where military security guards used be posted. Now, the gates are left opened, but (more…)

February 13, 2008

Robinsons Bar & Restaurant – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Robinsons bar & restaurant, Belfast Robinson’s Bar and Restaurant is a nice modern restaurant with wide & open space. When I went there, they played nice jazz BGM, and pretty quiet… in a nice way. You can enjoy good food and wine or beer in relaxing atmosphere. The food was pretty good. I had fish & chips with green salad (see photo). The menu includes some traditional but with modern twist meals and fusion dishes such as Thai flavor chicken. It was great that many of them were under GBP10! The restaurant is upstairs and the downstairs is a bar. (more…)

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